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Need some help with your yard work? Whether you need a quick cleanup to get your yard off to a fresh start, or a full yard cleanup, Mike's Mowing can get the job done. We'll clean up any debris, perform any required pruning, mow the lawn and haul everything away to the compost.

If you have a rental property that needs to be cleaned up, or are looking to sell your home we can clean things up and have the yard looking great.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

In the spring we can clean up any debris left over from the fall and winter, perform any necessary pruning & hedging and clean out any gardens & flower beds, so you can have a fresh start to the year.

In the fall we can cleanup the leaves and clear out your gardens and flower beds so that you don't have to worry about cleaning up once the snow melts. We can also winterize any plants before the cold weather arrives.

Gardens and Flower Beds

We can help prepare your garden(s) for planting in the spring, weed during the year and cleanout all vegetation at the end of the season.

Garden Cleanup